What is expected of me if I want to join FBC Kemp
The word “membership” may sometimes seem like a dirty word. However, that is not what we intend here at First Bapist Kemp. At First Baptist, commitment is essential and it is encouraged through identifiable membership. Simply stated, we want our folks to be committed. First, we want people to be committed to Jesus Christ. Second, we desire our people to be committed to the church. In the New Testament we see that commitment to the church was identifiable and necessary to fulfill certain admonitions.  
In addition, we see that the church is a gathering of believers who not only use their gifts to serve the Lord through the local church, but a means to encourage one another while being gathered. If the church is the avenue through which we serve our Lord and encourage one another, then commitment is needed. I think we all understand in one way or the other the effects of haphazard commitment. Haphazard commitment results in haphazard discipleship. We don’t want this for you or for your family.
So, what is expected?
1. We desire that you BELONG!
You are part of the family known as First Baptist Kemp. We expect that you belong to a small group on Sunday Morning in Sunday School. Belonging is the only way to connect with others and know what is happening at First Baptist.
2. We desire that you GROW!
We want you to grow in relationships and the fellowship of First Baptist. Get to know others. Allow others to invest in you and help you grow spiritual. Not only do we want you to grow in relationships, but we also want you to grow in your relationship with Christ. This takes place through being apart of Worship, Bible Study, D in the Evening Classes, and the other ministries we offer. Our desire is that you grow in obedience to Christ and thus honor Him with your life. 
3. We want you to SERVE!
We know this can be overwhelming. We don’t want you just to serve, we want you to serve where you fit. We will help you find this place. Know that the Bible helps us understand that it is the Lord who builds and supplies the church with the pieces and parts it needs to fulfill His kingdom Work. If God leads you here, He has a plan to use you here!
How can you commit through membership?

1. Profession of Faith in Christ 

We desire to know that our members have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who desire to know Him and grow in Him. If you have never responded in faith to Christ by recieving him as Lord and Savior, you need to…now!

2. Believer’s Baptism  

There are many who have responded in faith to Christ but have yet to faith to Christ but have yet to follow in obedience to the Lord in Baptism. We believe that Baptism is symbolic in two ways. One, through baptism we publicly identify ourselves with Christ in the symbolic death, burial, and resurrection that takes place in the act of baptism. Two, it is our public profession that we are followers of Christ. 

Some desire to become a member after leaving a different denomination. If so, baptism according to Scriptural understanding is necessary to belong at First Baptist. 

3.Transfer of membership 

Maybe you’ve relocated to the area and you have made a profession of faith in Christ, have been baptized, and are a faithful member of a Baptist church. You can simply transfer your letter of membership from this other like minded church of faith.