Central to who we are is the Great Commission—Matt 28:18-20. As born again believers we are called to make disciples. Literally, we are to make learners of Christ. Interestingly, we often have the mindset that we are to do this only on other continents. However, opportunities to make learners of Christ happen daily as we live in our community, neighborhoods, and in the work place. In other words, fulfilling the Great Commission is not two weeks out of the year. Rather it is a lifestyle. 

In addition to being engaged in our community with the Great Commission through friendships and intentional outreach, we are also engaged globally. are partnered with friends in ministry in Brazil and Vancouver, British Columbia

Faithfulness to the Great Commission not only reveals our understanding of the Gospel, but it also is a reflection of a heart that desires to honor the Lord through obedience. 

Why do we do missions?

  • God loves us and wants a relationship with us. 
  • However, we are separated from Him becasue of sin. 
  • Because of His great love for us, He displayed His love towards us through His son Jesus Christ. 
  • Christ willingly gave His life upon the cross so that we could have a relationship with God through the forgiveness provided upon the cross. 
  • Because of Jesus’ death on the cross the penatly of our sin was paid. 
  • Becasue of His resurrection – the reason why we celebrate Easter – we know His death is sufficient for us. 
  • Because of His death and resurrection, we have access to the Father to call upon Him as Lord.
  • When we surrender to Him and place faith in Christ, we are saved by His grace from the penalty of sin, the eternal separation from God.
  • Though we will die physically, all who repsond in faith to Christ will have life everlasting with the Father. Those who refuse will be separated from Him for eternity in hell. 
  • Christ died for all. His death is sufficient for all who respond in faith. Thus the reason we go to all.