Over its 130 years of existence, FBC Kemp has proclaimed the precious name of Jesus throughout Northeast Texas and beyond. Since the 1920’s FBC Kemp has been known for “ringing forth the truth” due to its practice of ringing the church bell which could be heard throughout the community calling worshipers to service. As we look back with a smile we are thankful for numerous individuals who were faithful to serve the Lord since 1882.  

As we reflect over the rich heritage and fruitful ministry God has entrusted to FBC Kemp over the years, we cannot help but to look ahead with anticipation towards the next century of ministry that awaits us. Although we are proud of our rich heritage, we understand above heritage and tradition that God has called us to follow Him faithfully.

We hope, as we serve future generations to come, FBC Kemp will be known as a selfless church that loves God without hesitation, loves each other through community, and “rings forth” God’s love not only with its surrounding community, but also to the uttermost ends of the earth.