Pre-Registration through . . .  May 29, 2020! 
Registration forms are available at Kemp Primary, Kemp Intermediate, and Kemp Jr. High school offices. Please complete and return to school. A PDF of the Registration form may also be downloaded from the link below and at the bottom of this page. You can scan and email to or bring it the first night of Cross Fit Camp!
What’s CROSS Fit Camp 2020 all about? 
Get Ready for a Fun Filled Week!

Cross Fit Camp will be one of the best weeks you’ll have this summer! Everything we do will help students learn the importance of team work, focus, and responsibility, all the while having a blast. Each evening will be action packed  with four key stations. The four stations set up on the football field will be strength, agility, speed, and a new one for this year, focus. Each rotation will help us accomplish our goal of helping your kids become all that God has made them to be. Each night is going to be a fast-paced evening for kids ages K-8th grade. Note, this year, each night, a rotation will incorporate water. Yes, we’ll have fun, but we’ll have fun getting wet too! 
Agility Rotation and Strength Rotation
What students don’t like to have fun? Each night, through both our agility rotation and our strength rotation, Cross Fit participants will have the opportunity to engage in teambuilding activities through maneuvering through obstacle courses, and running routes through cones. On the strength rotation, teams will have a chance to work against other teams in tug a wars. Some nights those that lose will be pulled through the water! 
 Speed Rotation
Running helps with fitness, but it also helps students focus on the finish line. Students can learn that they can do what they didn’t think they could do with focus and a “no quit” mentality. In addition, team relay races will help develop solid attitudes about the need for teamwork. At the end of the day, what really matters is speed. Who’s the fastest! We want kids to find the fun in competition and rooting for each other to be the fastest! 

Focus Rotation 

Focus can be a challenge for many students and even some adults. However, learning how to focus and choosing to focus on important things is essential for life. This year, we will help students learn to focus by aiming for a target…yes, our focus rotation will include archery!! Of course, your child needs your permission to participate, but with trained staff and experts on hand, we know this rotation will help students learn, with hands on experience, a simple truth…what you aim for, you will hit. We want students to learn that they can aim for big goals and big dreams. We also want them to know that they can follow the Lord too, if they set their mind on following Him. 
The Endzone
Each night, after running around, laughing, and having a great time, we’ll pause and focus on what the Bible teaches about responsibility, focus, teamwork, respect, etc… Our goal is for students to know that God sees them where they are. Regardless of their situation, they can know God and live their life fulfilling the purpose for which they have been created. There’s no greater satisfaction than knowing our life matters and that our life can make a difference. We want each student to know this by knowing Jesus Christ.