Update April 28, 2020
In light of Gov. Abbott’s guidance on Monday, April 27, 2020, First Baptist Kemp will take its first step in our path forward to resuming our “in person” worship this Sunday, May 3. Please know that this is the first step of several steps we will take over the weeks and months to come. We are optimistic, yet our desire is prudence in the days ahead. Please click on the links for more information
New Resources for FEAR, FAITH, & FAMILY
As we prepare to go to a new normal we still wrestle with fear, faith, and how the COVID-19 pandemic impacts our families and even our church.
While we are unsure as to whether or not a resurgence of COVID-19 related illnesses will occur, we can certainly be sure as to how we can walk with our families through fear, loneliness, and anxiety.
For excellent resources for you, your children, and your famliy, check out these resources at the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF).
For resources click on this link — CCEF COVID Resources

Resources for Anxiety and Depression click here.

Resources for encouraging stories of great men of faith who endured suffering and how God used them click here.

Resources you can buy that are great reads as you grow in your faith and take steps to grow deeper in your faith.
Waiting on God–Andrew Murray
What Every Christian Ought to Know–Adrian Rogers
Searching the Scriptures–Chuck Swindoll
When the Enemy Strikes–Charles Stanely
When People are Big and God is Small–Edward Welch
The Knowledge of the Holy–A.W. Tozer
Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety: Becoming a Woman of Faith and Confidence–Elyse Fitzpatrick
Sacred Marriage–Gary Thomas
The Power of Prayer and Fasting–Ronnie Floyd
Shepherding a Child’s Heart–Tedd Tripp
Everyday Evangelism–Matt Queen
How to Give your Faith away–Paul Little
Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands–Paul David Tripp
Family Devotional Resources
The North American Mission Board has provided a great devotion “Seeing Jesus through the Uncertainty.”
With an easy to follow format, any dad can take the devotion and lead his family to see Jesus in the middle of uncertain times. 
Click on the links below for each week. 
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Desiring God, a platform organized and led by John Piper, seeks to “help people everywhere embrace a profound truth that changes everything about life and eternity…You were made to know the glory of God.”
In 2016, Desiring God, published an excellent devotional for the Passion Week of Christ entitled, Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy.
Each day, starting with Palm Sunday,Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy, provides both a morning and evening devotion tracing the steps of Jesus from the triumphal entry to the empty tomb. 
Join us as we walk through Your Sorrow Will Turn to Joy. 
For Adults: 
You can access the book by clicking the link below:
Or you can download the PDF here at this link:
Also, here are Easter Devotionals that cover the Passion Week for students and children. 
For Jr. High and High School Students:
For Children/Families:
Financial Planning Resources
All of us are experiencing unexpected financial strain due to the economical impact of COVID-19 here and abroad. 
Below are excellent treasure chests full of practical resources to assist you during this unprecedented time.
If you have questions or need assistance as you and your family plan for income adjustments, know that we have people who are trained to coach others as way of a ministry through the local church to help you plan, budget, and take practical steps for the future. If you need assistance, please call us and we can point you in the right direction.
For helpful resources please click on the following links:
While we can’t gather for “in person” worship, know that First Baptist Kemp is faithfully being the church by gathering together in groups and collectively for worship by utilizing online platforms. 
If you are looking to connect with us, or if you are not connected with anyone, know that we want you to connect with us.
How can you connect with us. 
1. Follow our Facebook page by clicking the following link–FBC Kemp facebook. Here you can stay up to date with services, bible studies, and up to date announcements. 
2. You can join a community group. If you are interested in trying out one or two of our groups, give us a call at 903.498.4971 or email me at pastorruss@fbckemp.org and we will get you connected.
Beach Club
Each Tuesday, First Baptist Kemp partners with Kemp ISD and Kemp Intermediate to teach 3rd-6th graders essential life character traits they will need as they continue to develop as learners and community leaders. What’s cool is that we get to use the Bible to teach these character traits!
While school has transitioned to the home, so has Kids Beach Club. 
Kids Beach Club at Home resources can be accessed by clicking on the link below.
Community Impact 
“How can we help?” is a questions we are all asking even though all of us could use help in one way or another.
We want to offer some simple, tangible ways for you to serve your community and love your neighbor. 
Community Impact
Donate canned goods, other items, or make a financial donation to the Kaufman Christian Help Center, in Kaufman, TX. This is a phenomenal resources led by some awesome people.  
For more information regarding the Center please click on the following link:  THE CENTER in Kaufman, TX
Shop Local
Support your local businesses and restaurants in Kemp, if you can. Here’s our list:
Donut Palace
Heritage Market & Bakery
Kemp Family Pharmacy
Little Mexico
Rowdy’s Diner
Slap N Good BBQ
Spring Market
If you need to get out of the house,  take a trip around the lake, be sure to stop by and pick up some good BBQ at:
The Feed Trough in Seven Points 
*All restaurants are currently open and are providing “take out” or drive-thru only. 
Encourage your Community
For most of us, our barber and hair dresser have been closed. If you have not recently, many folks were soon to get their hair styled or cut for Easter and the Spring season. Why not go ahead and write your check to your barber or stylist and support them now even though they are closed? 
Encourage your schools
Our school administrators and teachers have stepped up in an unprecedented time to ensure they could continue to help you educate your child at home. While decisions have been made in response to many dynamic situations, now is the time to say thank you. Enough is in the news and on the streets to crush our spirits. Let’s have a goal to lift spirits by encouraging one another.  
Write a note and say thank you.
Let’s encourage our business and local restaurant owners by stopping by, supporting them, and giving thanks for all they do! 
Serving Your Neighbor 
Our motto at First Baptist Kemp is “A Passion for God and Compassion for People.”
No greater time exists than for us to love our neighbor than right now. There’s no greater time for the church to be the church than right now.
Here are some simple ways and suggestions you can love your neighbor during this time.
Keep in mind, the way in which we serve in the weeks to come will look a little different because the needs will be different. 
1. Call your Neighbor. 
See what needs they may have and find a way to help.
2. Share with your Neighbor.
Look, if you have more than plenty in the pantry, or you realize you may be guilty of hoarding, drop off something to your neighbors. Write them a brief note letting them know you are thinking of them and are praying for them. 
3. Pray with your Neighbor. 
(But maintain social distancing) Find out how they are and listen. You might be surprised to realize they’ve been needing someone to listen. 
4. Share from your Garden. 
As things come out of the ground drop a couple of things off at your neighbors house who is in need. 
5. Bake for your Neighbor. A kind gesture of dropping off some hot bread, rolls, or goodies will encourage anybody. Ask about nut allergies and dietary restrictions first. 
6. Share Jesus with your Neighbor. More than ever, people are looking for hope and peace. Many are looking for a legitimate, lasting solution to anxiety. Point your neighbors to Jesus. He provides the cure for our guilt, shame, regret, worry, anxiety, loss, hurt, and the unknown. Take time to listen and share the Hope we have in Christ alone. 
7. Live for your Neighbor. 
Unless it is absolutely necessary for you to have something from the store, or if you are supporting your local restaurants and businesses, Stay Home