Plugging In!


Discipleship. Fellowship. Encouragement. These are all valuable aspects of a believer’s life. At First Baptist we truly feel that these qualities as well as many more are vital to a healthy and vibrant walk with Christ. This being the case, we desire to see all of our faith family engaged in a small group on Sundays.


Teacher: Pete Eldridge

For many years Pete has led this small group whose members have adult children. Some are even grandparents! Whatever phase of life you find yourself in, you are welcome to join in the discussion and encouragement shared among these mid-life to senior adults.


Teacher: Kelly Betts

Kelly’s class is also made up of multiple age groups, primarily those who are married, wishing to develop in their roles as Godly couples, parents and grandparents.

Love 360- Couples and Singles

Teacher: Vidal Jones

Although Vidal’s class is primarily made up of singles and adults with younger children, the fellowship and study is one that can benefit multiple life phases. Come join in with “Love 360.”

Young Adults

Teacher: Robert Emfinger

Robert has a heart for those young adults of college age and early marriage. Encouraging them in their unique situations  makes this study group perfect for young and/or brand-new believers. Be a part of the fellowship as they meet Sunday mornings at the Kemp Fire Station.

Students: 6th through 12th grade

Teachers: Coin & Adrian Pool

Coin & Adrian are ready to welcome all students of junior high and high school age into this time of group discipleship. As young parents they remember all too well the challenges of living the teenage years in today’s social climate. Students will be encouraged to lead with Christlikeness in our changing world.

Children’s Small groups

Our children’s Gospel Project curriculum centers on a chronological approach to the Bible which allows boys and girls to see how Christ fits into the whole of scripture. Our teachers are ready to encourage and disciple these young students into a deeper knowledge and understanding of God’s great love for them.